FAQ - four reasons


Four reasons X is superior to all others

1. Our formulation is entirely driven by science

Other supplements include ingredients with no benefits to brain function supported by research on human subjects.  We use only ingredients that have brain performance benefits backed by solid clinical research.  And we provide links to that research here.

2. No other product contains these 19 ingredients

As shown in this product comparison chart, there is no other product that comes close to delivering the full range of brain-boosting compounds in X.  The components of X have a synergistic effect which results in a combined impact significantly greater than taking any subset of ingredients.

3. We use research-backed trademarked ingredients 

Trademarked versions of ingredients are considerably more expensive than the generic alternatives.

Not all ingredients have a trademarked version. For ones that do, the manufacturer is staking its reputation on the quality and effectiveness of the ingredient. 

What’s more, clinical research using the trademarked ingredients proves benefits that may not exist for the non-trademarked versions of those ingredients.  

When comparing supplements, always consider which ones use trademarked versions of the ingredients.

4. X is the only product to guarantee results

We guarantee that X will deliver a greater increase in brain performance* than any other supplement you’ve tried, or we’ll buy you that supplement.  

No other brain supplement offers this guarantee. (We have not found any other dietary supplement—in any category—that offers such a guarantee.)

This is a reflection of our level of confidence that you will agree that nothing else compares to the level of brain performance enhancement from X.

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